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Kart for use with balance scooter
Fits all DENVER scooters from 6.5" up to 10"

Product information

  • With this kart you can transform your balance scooter into a fun Gokart
  • Very easy to ride, and lots of fun
  • Spin on a dime
  • Drive fast only a few centimeters from the ground
  • Durable metal frame
  • Easy to mount on your balance scooter, and light weight
  • Fits all DENVER scooters - from 6.5” up to 10”
  • Please look at your balance scooter to find out how much weight it can take. E.g. For DENVER DBO-6550 it is max. 120Kg.
  • Please notice - balance scooter are not included

Even though it is often safer to ride in this kart compared to on the balance scooter, we still suggest you wear safety equipment like helmet, elbow, hand and knee protection.
For domestic use only