We are Denver Electronics®

INTER SALES manufactures and sells Denver Electronics, a mass-market consumer electronics brand with over 400 products. Our large catalogue means one-stop shopping for retailers

We work directly with retail buyers and purchasing departments.

Our focus is on producing affordable electronics with the right design and performance at the right price. We can even provide customized and private-label consumer electronics for your retail brand.

From smartphones, to televisions, to home security, photo and video equipment, E-mobility, and much more - we have years of experience with consumer electronics, and our product portfolio is continuously expanding.

Whether it is work, play, entertainment, staying fit, staying safe or staying in touch, Denver Electronics® can meet the need. Our products bring consumer electronics within reach.

A stable experienced partner

We have worked with top European retailers since 1990. We offer one of the world’s largest single mass-market consumer electronics product portfolios along with local, customisable after sales support.

More for the money

We manufacture quality products that lives up to consumer needs – without the big brand-name price. We can produce products with the highest possible quality and lowest prices.

Right on time

Product availability and flexibility are two of our defining characteristics. Whatever your  needs may be, we can deliver  to the right time to you.

When you hand your customers over to us for product support, we understand you are putting an important part of your business in our hands
We provide a locally-based after sales service concept. This means that your customers can get telephone support, service home visits, direct exchange programs or repairs based on their needs and your business requirements

/After-sales Support


All Denver Electronics® products comply with the highest EU safety and quality certifications and standard. And all of our products are covered by a two-year warranty and a local, after-sales service concept.


We can help you build a quality private label program, whether it is for a single product or across multiple electronics categories. We can also develop and manufacture unique products to meet specific consumer demands.


+45 86 22 61 00  º  intersales@intersales.eu


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