Smart Home

Make your home smarter and more automated with Denver Electronics Smart Home products.


Denver Electronics has a large variety of Smart Home equipment that are all Tuya based. This means they are easy to setup, easy to use, and most of all, very user friendly as they use same app called DENVER SMART HOME.
You can for example use our alarm system and Smart Home lights together and make automated scenes that e.g. turns on all light in the house, if the alarm sounds. Or start recording on your smart camera when the alarm sounds. It is also possible to use our Smart Home power plugs to turn off power in certain areas, and you don't even have to be at home. 

The app is so user friendly you don't even need an user manual. Just download the app and follow information shown on your smart phone. It is really that easy!


Secure your home

We should all feel safe in our own home, and one way to ensure that is to use our Smart Home cameras and alarm systems. 
They are not only smart and easy to use, but also very secure, and will be the extra thing that keeps an eye on your home. 

Secure yourself and the ones you love with Denver Electronics. 


Please check our Smart Home lineup




  Tuya based. Well tested and secure


  One app controls it all


  Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi


  Fast and easy to setup




  Mix brands (Tuya based)


  Start with one thing, and expand


  Control your home, even when not there


We are really impressed how easy it is to use and control our Denver Smart Home alarm system. The whole family are using it on a daily basis, and we didn't do that with our old alarm system because of it's complicity. 

/Hansen Family

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