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Jumpstarter powerbank with 10000mAh battery capacity
Use it to start your car, or as normal powerbank (3 x 5V~2A, max 3.1A)
12V/16V/19V + 12V ignition output, including safety protection clip

Product information

  • Jumpstarter powerbank with 10000mAh li-ion battery cell
  • Use it to start your car, if battery runs out of power
  • Works also as a normal powerbank for extra power for your phone
  • input: 15V~1A
  • Output: 3x5V~2A (max. 3.1A)
  • 12V/16V/19V~3.5A, 12V ignition output
  • 12V output port for starting car (cranking min 200A-peak 400A)
  • Continuous ignition times: 15-20
  • Supported vehicles: 12V gasoline under 4.0L, 12V diesel under 3.0L
  • Working temperature: -20° - +60°C
  • LED Light with 3 modes - Strong light, strobe light and SOS light
  • Accessories included: AC adaptor, Car charger, MicroUSB cable, car clip, Notebook adaptor cable, Notebook adaptor connectors

Safety protection clip:
9 safety protections: short circuit, reverse polarity protection alarm, reverse charging , low-voltage, over-voltage, over-charge, over-discharge, test car battery quality, force output function, internal IC components malfunction alarm.